AV Newbie....just saying hello! :O)

scurbanfarmer(7b-8a)June 9, 2010

I just bought some African Violets today at the store.

This is my first attempt at getting them to grow.

I was excited, so I checked out the forum. lol

Sooo, hello everyone! :O)

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Welcome to the wonderful world of violets! You'll really enjoy this forum if you get hooked on AVs...and that's only a matter of time! I found this out when I started about a year ago. The folks on this forum gave me some pointers, and tah-dah! now I'm scrambling to find room for my plants (my family call them my babies)!

If I had to pick one pointer that I would've loved to have when I started growing violets, it would be that they don't like their feet wet. I almost killed my first violet by over-loving (and thus over-watering) it! Now I make sure that the soil is always at least a half perlite mix, so that it doesn't retain water as much, and that I let them dry out a little between waterings. When the pots feel light in my hand compared to when I watered them, it's time to water again. I find that my violets are much happier that way.

Hope this helps you on the start of your venture! Enjoy the flowers, and the little thrills of watching them grow! And again, welcome to the forum!

â« Meg

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