Sticky Traps

jeller3677June 14, 2013

I brought some apple grafts in the basement for some TLC under lights and was surprised to see that these little flies were emerging from the pots. I took the apples back outside, and put some sticky traps by my violet trays. Within a day, all the little flies were caught in the glue. Just an idea in case anyone else has trouble with those little flies.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hmm... I wish it was that easy... your fungus gnats left a lot of eggs behind in your pots...

Next time try not to bring anything from outside to your growing area...

The bugs emerge - to mate and lay eggs - and yes - they are caught easily on any kind of fly paper...Probably after they had some hanky-panky ...and left several clutches of eggs...

I sure had a good success getting them down with a fly paper last year...until my cat got himself wrapped in this thing..hard to remove this sticky stuff...


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Where do you get this kind of sticky trap that is boxed shape? I've always used flat yellow sticky cards and they don't seem to catch very many gnats. Don't get me wrong, I'm not asking for more buggers, but if they exist I want to get as many of them as possible!

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@Jon: this thread got buried...may I ask where you find the kind of box shaped sticky trap you use here? I'm glad they worked for your fungus gnat visitors.

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