Where to get micro-mini or super-mini plants or leaves?

bttrfliiJune 18, 2013

=== EDIT ===
Answer: Sellers generally don't specify that a plant is micro (* Rob's Violet Barn
* Lyndon Lyon Greenhouse (call before ordering to check availability)

====== ORIGINAL POST ======
Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction for buying some micro or super-mini african violet leaves or plants? I unfortunately have nothing this size to trade, and I have to start somewhere. Also unfortunately, I have been 100% unable to find anyone that has smaller than regular miniatures for sale, and I've been everywhere I can think of, including the African Violet Society of America's links page.

I've searched this site, and almost everything I've found is very outdated. The recent post I found only looks for names, not where to get them from (and even at that, nobody who replied was able to give any true super-mini names).

Any help is appreciated. :) Thank you!

== Where I've looked on these forums ==

Super Mini African Violets (2013) has the names of two miniatures, but no super-mini, and no place to buy them.

Micro mini violets (2009) has people who have micro-minis and who list a few along with one very nice picture, but not where to get them from.

Working on a list of micro minis (2008) has, unsurprisingly, a list of micro-minis that the poster found, but even with those names, I can't find where to get them from.

Two micro-mini varieties (2007) has a picture of two micro-minis, but no buy location.

WANTED: Micro Miniature Violets (2006) and WANTED: Looking for Mini's and Micro's (2009) would have been great! Except neither have any replies. :p

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Any AV that generally grows up to 6 inches is indicated as "Miniature" in their official description regardless of whether it maxes out at 2 in. or 6 in. I assume you already looked The Violet Barn or Lyndon Lyon Greenhouses but I'd look again, they usually add extra descriptive comments in their listings to give buyer a clue as to how small or smallish a miniature really is (ex. "this plant stays at 2 inches for us" "cute tiny foliage"). Unlike you, I read between the lines so I DON'T buy a midget since I have more success with semis and standards :) Also I bet they'll be more than happy to guide you over the phone.

A lot of the tiniest AVs are trailers, but can be groomed to grow as a single crown. This Violet Voice forum gives some names. I would try eBay for most of the varieties mentioned, eBay is hit and miss but sometimes a variety you just must have DOES pop up after weeks or months of trying!

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Thanks ultra_violet, I'll go look again and read the descriptions. I realize that no officially-sanctioned recognition is given to the micro and super-mini sizes, but I (obviously) wrongly assumed that they were still have those keywords *somewhere* searchable.

I would actually prefer the 3-4" super-minis since from what I researched, those seem to be easier to care for than the As to searching on ebay... I've been looking for two weeks, so I guess I'll have to just keep doing so. :p I would dearly love a single resource that listed plants that fit into the different categories *and* had a picture. That would make finding which plants I actually want a lot easier, and then searching for only those plants instead of a list of 50 or more names? That would be awesome!

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*Under my growing conditions* Rob's Loose Noodle, Rob's June Bug, Rob's Chilly Willy, and Rob's Love Bite grow up to approx. 3.5 inches at maturity. They can be found at The Violet Barn.

A word of caution, I personally find smaller varieties to be more delicate than others in general. Good luck!

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You may want to check out some of these.

Lyndon Lyon
Pip Squeek
Li'l Periscope

Violet Barn
Robs Voodoo Blue
Robs Twinkle Blue

Shanti's African Violets
Petite Tart
Baby White
Tiny Moon Goddess
Pip squeek

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thank you both for the recommendations! i've decided to order from the violet barn since i fell in love with one of their chimeras; in that vein (haha), i'll be trying out loose noodle and twinkle blue. if these go well, i do believe i'll be trying out some plants from shanti next, as i've heard that tiny moon goddess is fun and quirky. :D

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Did you place your order yet? You may want to check out Texas Teen, available at the Violet Barn.

There was once a vendor called Violet Venture that carried many small cultivars. Bloomin Jungle has since acquired all of those plants and for a limited time you can purchase leaves here. http://www.bloominjungle.org/whatisforsale.htm They usually only sell plants I think.

Tundra Snowflake (also sold by Shanti)
Teeny Bopper

I'm sure there are more. It's probably just best to ask vendors for plants in the size range you want.

If you can help, I'd like to see how big the plants actually are when they are shipped to you. Good Luck!

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i did see their texas teen, but i'm not big into the red flowers. maybe someday!

i'll add bloominjungle to my list of shops to watch when i'm ready for some more. i currently have eight plants and have ordered six more, so i'll be kept busy for a while. :)

are you curious about sizes from all places, or only bloominjungle? i obviously can't give a picture yet for the violet barn, but i can from an ebay seller called "jack's violets". the astute will see that i don't have as many plants in these pictures as there were tubes in the box -- quite right! coworkers and i have been ordering together (there were actually two boxes from jack's) in our own small AV club, and those ladies took their plants almost before i could see them! :)

arrival from jack's violets

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I'm just curious to see how big the plants will be when they are shipped to you since the ones you ordered won't grow very large to begin with. Thanks for the picture link though. I've never bought leaves/plants before over the internet so it's interesting to see how things are kept together during shipping.

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jack's violets were my first, and i was very pleased with the packaging. :) i unfortunately (for trading purposes, anyway) live in a rural state, so i'm not able to go to the trade shows that others are able to attend.

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sorry for the slow posting of pictures for the violet barn order; i've been away for a few days.

arrival from the violet barn


i've also made two terrariums for the two smaller-than-usual minis i have. hopefully this will meet their greater need for humidity, but if nothing else, they look great. :p

homemade terrariums

[edit: updated album with both terrariums]

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Just a note-I have always been happy with Jack's Violets!


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That chimera looks awesome! I'm quite fond of your moss collection as well. It looks like everything arrived in good condition.

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i am once again requesting some help with this, as i have lost a part of my sanity between two frustrating sellers and my not being able to search the web with any success. i'm going to assume that i'm SOL, but i also figured that it doesn't hurt to ask...

i am looking for three specific plants and have paid two separate sellers to get some of these plants only to find out that 1) the first seller must be out of business and didn't bother to update their site, meaning i have to go through my credit card to get a refund, and 2) the other seller took my money but then told me a week later that oh sorry but they don't actually have the plants and it would be two months before i'd get anything.

if anyone could tell me any place they might know of to get these plants, i would appreciate it so much. if anyone has them already and would ship a plant or some leaves, i'd compensate you over postage costs for the time and trouble. note that shanti's violets and lyndon's greenhouse are not on the table.

thanks so much for any replies.

- Lil Periscope
- Pip Squeek
- Tiny Moon Goddess

[edit: oops, spelling mistake]

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I take it the sellers in question were LLG and Shanti's? I had similar concerns with LLG but received call from Paul, apologies, etc. I called first this time. I just placed an order with Shanti's yesterday and got a tracking link right away. Did you get this too?


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yes, they were.

shanti's is the one i have never gotten a response from other than a "we got your payment" email. i ordered from them july 16th. if you've ordered from them and gotten a tracking number... do any of her(?) emails to you have a phone number on them? i would like to try to call her if possible, but that field was blank on the emails i received. maybe my emails are getting blocked? i would really prefer to have the plants instead of my money back!

lyndon's greenhouse was an august 20th order and i got a call this morning saying that they don't have either of the two plants on my list in stock and it would be at least a month and a half before they'd have anything. i told the caller to please understand how frustrating it is to order something and then be told that what i specifically ordered doesn't exist.

[edit: corrected wrong order date]

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No, no phone number, just this shroomster77@yahoo.com.

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I ordered five violets from Shanti's on July 25. I paid by Paypal and got an automated accepted order notice. I have yet to hear or receive anything. The email goes unanswered.
She sells yarn on Etsy and has a notice posted there that due to health she's closed.
I'm hoping she will straighten out her violet business soon and perhaps issue refunds. I've since ordered from Bloomlovers and the Green Mule on Ebay and been very pleased. They're both very nice. You could contact them to ask about minis.


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i actually had a minor miracle happen when i was ordering tiny moon goddess from fancy bloomers. i had requested information about the availability of a certain out-of-stock plant and had tacked on a side note about also looking for pip squeek and lil periscope. to my utter amazement and delight, an "I did just acquire Lil Periscope and Pip Squeek last fall, and I now have babies ready to be separated" was sent back to me.

i might have gone a little overboard in my enthusiastic reply to her, but she made me a very happy person. the plants are in the mail and on their way to me as i write this. :)

i'm updating my OP links.

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followup on the order from fancy bloomers...

please note: due to the post office being slow in my area, my post office not following specific instructions to leave my plants outside my door, and the post office being closed for labor day monday, my order from fancy bloomers took a week to get to me instead of the two days it should have. because of this extremely unfortunate and frustrating ship time, the two micro plantlets, which had only *just* been separated specifically for me, were not equipped to deal with the unhealthy ship time they went through. their unhealthy arrival was entirely the post office's fault.

the plants arrived packaged very well and were extremely healthy (not counting the two planlets) even after a week in a hot box. five of the six were even already blooming! i would highly recommend this seller to anyone else and am more than excited about how great they look. donna at fancy bloomers is a very supportive seller and provides timely replies to questions. most definitely A+.

my fancy bloomers order

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I finally had to ask PayPal to open a file on my order to Shanti's after all my inquiries went unanswered.

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i did the same. it passed through and i got my refund request accepted on sunday. i hope she's ok and is able to settle up with those remaining.

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I had the refund come through less than two hours after filing with PayPal. I, too, hope she's OK.

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