Unusual early bloom?

BlondieJanJune 9, 2013

Imagine my surprise when the tiny new plants from the mother leaf produced a bloom, and more on the way! This is a standard pink NOID that you would get from a grocery store. Sorry the photo is sideways...I don't know how to make it upright.

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I've had this happen a lot recently especially with my Russians. Rather exciting, isn't it, having a violet so eager to grow!


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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

They say to remove early blooms to give the plant more energy to grow

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Linda, it happens sometimes. Yes, it's a good idea to remove the blooms and let the babies grow. Actually, I remove the first blooms from the starter when I see they match the type description because the little plant needs to grow more leafs and then it will have more flowers.

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