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moreplants-2009June 30, 2009

Hello all! I am new on Garden Web. I like all plants, but AV are the most awersome!

I am proud owner of 50 AV and I'd love to meet here friends who like them too.

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Welcome. You'll certainly find those here. AVs, if not ... wait, nevermind, all of the above. XD

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I'm new to the AV group, too, but don't have any plants, yet. Leaves are arriving in a day or two. I just stopped in a week ago to see if I could find out what caused an AV problem I had ten years ago. I didn't make it out without being permanently altered and making an AV order within 24 hours of my first visit. Everyone has been helpful and obvious love their AVs. You should be in good company.

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Welcome to the board more plants :)

where at in TN are you?


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Welcome to the forum. Lots of good info here and lots of pics. Check out avbrat pack. It's a great av forum too,lots of nice people there. Patty

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Thank you for the warm welcoming!
I am from Spring Hill, TN. I have three beautiful children, all kind of pets and plants.

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