African violet buds are drying out and dying!

bluevioletJune 15, 2006

I have had a plant in 4" plastic pot for a couple weeks now. It was fine at first, but last week it started to go downhill. The older leaves are "crunchy" and brown in the edges and the flowerbuds only make it so far before getting dried up towards the tip (the rest of the shoot seems fleshy/"soggy"). The new leaves seem just dandy, no mites, no bugs, nothing. I bottom water for 25 mins when it's dry, it has indirect sunlight!!!! please help!!!aaaaah!!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hi Blue - welcome to the crowd,

Where did you get your violet from? Home Depot?


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I bought it at a local supermarket. It was beautiful at the store(I guess from the 24 hour fluorescent lights on it!). I also bought a pink violet and a white one the same day, and they are just huge now!! But the sick one (it used to have tiny purple flowers) is nasty looking. I took off all the dead leaves/flower stems and left 3 old leaves and the "newbies" attached to the crown. Then I took it out of the pot, dried out the soil with paper towels repotted, and now I'm just crossing my fingers!!! :D

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Blue -

if you look back at some of our threads there is a lot of discussions about store bought violets, why they die and how to revive them. Pay attention to Korina's posts - she is very passionate about it.

Basically you need to repot to a significantly lighter soil, do not overwater it and wait to get it acclimatized to you home. Remove all flowers. These plants are grown in a very humid environment, under the lights and in a heavy peat soil. They are expected to bloom for 10 days and then die and be tossed so you get yourself another centerpiece from the same store. With appropriate care they will live and bloom for you for many years. the record old plant is 50 years old - Superman its name.

There is a useful info in the FAQs on this forum, site - so you will feel more comfortable dealing with these plants. And please ask your questions. We all are very happy to have a new grower joining us, learning and becoming a pro, sharing with us successes and losses, pics and ideas.

Good Luck


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