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jeller3677June 12, 2013

Thanks for sharing all the info in your posts. I bought 12 leaves over the internet and put them down on 1 May. They came in good shape by express mail and I immediately trimmed and set them into rooting medium. I kept them under plastic for the first thirty days and then set them out on a humidity tray under lights. Eight now have babies emerging as you can see in the photo. Very exciting! All of them are standard size variegated varieties. I also have a token noid and a multiple crown semi miniature given to me by my daughter. I split it up this week into 6 leaves and 4 crowns.

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Here is a picture of my crown surgery. This violet is Snuggles Little Dreamer. I got it in Feb and it had a 4 inch neck and horrible leaves. I cut the crown off and rooted it. This made a good looking plant, but with multiple crowns. This week I cut up the new plant and that gave me several good leaves and 4 crowns. They are currently in a plastic top tray until they root. This is first for me but I am optimistic.

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It looks like you're doing all the correct things. I think keeping them covered with a dome or in a baggie is key. I find bottom heat helps a lot, as well.
Good luck!


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I forgot to mention, but I did have a bottom heater on the leaves. I just unplugged that this week.

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I unplugged mine, as well, this week. Yesterday it was 95 degrees; I figured that was hot enough!


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I put my heat pad under the crown surgery victims today.
Summer has definitely arrived.

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