Newbie here, and I think I made a rookie error and overwatered.

grace_m(NY)June 23, 2012

Now I have these shiny, plastic looking spots on the undersides of two leaves. We've had several days of almost 100 degree temps and really high humidity. That could also be a factor. Or am I totally wrong about the cause?

Any help would be really appreciated. Can this plant be saved or will the spots spread?

Here is a link that might be useful: More pics of tops and bottoms of leaves if needed

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If you have over watered it, take it out of the pot and let it drain on newspaper then put it back.

Overwatering kills more plants than anything else.

It looks like the brown spots may have come from your hitting it accidentally. Overwatering most often causes the whole leaf to become a rotting brown mess that has to be removed.


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Thank you Nancy. I didn't notice the spots until yesterday when it was time to water again, so the plantlet is already dry.

I feel bad that I damaged it, but at least being less of a klulz is easier than rescuing a plant from rot:)

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African violets are tough little plants.

I've knocked a number out of their pots and to the ground with no significant damage to the plant other a broken leaf or two.

The only time I lost one, even to a fall, was when the entire plant broke off right below the crown.

Those little nicks and bumps essentially won't matter much, unless you plan to exhibit.

Keep up the good work with the disciplined watering. Your plant looks fine and healthy.

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I was so afraid I overwatered it and it was a goner. Thank you both.

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