Can We "Talk"?

odinthorJune 21, 2014

Some may know that, along with my fondness for Old Roses proper, I'm also enthusiastic about the Floribundas of the "classic age" of Floribundas. No one says much if anything about the various roses in the "Talk" series, and so I'd like to bring them to your attention (though you'll have to have good luck finding any to purchase). Four of them, I've grown myself, and are very meritorious; I'd anticipate that the others live up to the standards of those I'm familiar with. One gathers that, as a series, they were bred to be compact, healthy, easy to care for, and dependable "decoratives"; but the flowers are really not just mere blobs of color--they're charming, well-formed, and beautiful.

I've grown:

--'Fancy Talk' (Swim & Weeks, 1965). Color somewhere between orange and pink, "coral" being perhaps the best term.

--'Pillow Talk' (Weeks, 1980). An eye-catching combination of lavender-mauve and buff (rather like the HT 'Double Feature' in color).

--'Plain Talk' (Swim, 1964). Rich deep red with blackish tones.

--'Small Talk' (Swim & Weeks, 1963). Lemon yellow aging lighter. The color is very cool and refreshing, and the glossy dark green leaves make a beautiful foil.

These I haven't grown:

--'Baby Talk' (Weeks, 1980). Lavender.

--'Double Talk' (Weeks, 1980). Red blend.

--'Happy Talk' (Swim & Weeks, 1973). Cherry. I'm fond of cherry-color, and would especially like to find a source for this one.

--'Smooth Talk' (Weeks, 1989). White. Apparently the last entry in this series.

--'Sweet Talk' (Swim & Weeks, 1964). Lemon and white.

--'Town Talk' (Swim & Weeks, 1966). Orange red. There's apparently a climbing version of this as well.

Seek them out! Grow them! Enjoy them! (And, addressing rose sellers: Propagate them! Offer them!)

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zjw727(Coastal Oregon Zone 8b)

How interesting. Speaking of those classic floribundas, I'd like to grow "Chic", just to see what that odd color really looks like.

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Mendocino_Rose(z8 N CA.)

I didn't know there were so many "talks"
I'm growing Fancy Talk. It's a nice rose. Thanks for the info.

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poorbutroserich(Nashville 7a)

I'm growing "Chic". I will take a photo as she is about to flush.
Dang, all I need are new roses to covet. HA

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I don't know about the 'Talk' series, but I am delighted with the color and shape of the 'Spartan' I bought in my last, last Vintage order. Now, if I can just keep it alive through the winter.

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I've grown Pillow Talk and really enjoyed its unusual blooms. It performed well for me in Portland. Thank you for the other Talk suggestions. I appreciate classic floribundas but don't have many in my current shoehorn garden. I do grow Nearly Wild, Red Pinocchio, and Dusky Maiden. The first two were roses grown by my grandmother, aunt, and mother in the 1950s. DM is just a floriferous, healthy deep red beauty that I special ordered from Heirloom. All are GREAT garden plants and enthusiastic bloomers. I find that many of the older floribundas have a more graceful habit and blend easily with OGRs, filling the flowering gaps after the once-bloomers' flush. Carol

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Joe Moose, Zone 9A

Photos of these roses you're growing, please. I'd love to see the flowers in action, sort of speaking.

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