African Violet Terrarium

sarahsloanJuly 16, 2007

Hey all,

Just wanted to introduce myself as I am new to the forum. I am planning a terrarium in which I would like to use AVs. Can anyone suggest a good companion plant that likes AV soil? Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Almost any tropical plant fits well in a terrarium.

Don't put succulents or cacti since they need much less water than tropical plants and African violets.

I often use ground covers such as Baby Tears, all types of ferns, tall plants of draceana, all types of gesneriads, (such as episcia), ficus, fittonia, different types of hedra (ivy), Araliceae, many others.

Almost any tropical plant that uses the same watering as African violets would be good.


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Hi Sarah,
AV's in a terrarium can be a disaster waiting to happen. They are prone to overwatering and rotting if it is kept too moist. At AV shows we generally have a display of contianer gardens and terrariums are part of it. Most people insert the AV into the terrarium the last minute so it still looks fresh. So if you do a terrarium, just make sure you chcek it often.
Fred i n NJ

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I create terrariums often and I have had good luck with minis and semi-minis. Micro minis often require a terrarium to do well. I have had African violets in terrariums for almost a year without problems. I think drainage is necessary and using shells or rocks to create a small "pot" for the plant. Horticultural charcoal in the bottom for drainage is essential.

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I have seen ann1959,s terrariums. They are beautiful. I in fact have one that is now three years old. It looks great.

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I don't know whether they adversely affect each other, but I like English Ivy for terrs. You might try asking on the Terrariums Forum for more suggestions.

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paul_(z5 MI)

I have to disagree with you, Fred. I have always found AV's to do quite well in terrs -- and I've done it frequently. Some do too well in fact. [Check out my thread "looks like its time to find a new home"]

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Rob's Voodoo Blue is very small and does well in a terrarium as does Tiny Moon Goddess. Rob's violet barn has miniature house plants that are great for terrariums. Have fun!!

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