time to repot? too much light?

greentoe357July 6, 2014

I stuck 4 different AV leaves into this self-watering pot nearly 4 months ago. Two varieties shriveled and died, but these other two puppies are alive and kicking. That's a US quarter in there for size reference. The plant on the right has almost completely covered the mother leaf. So, I guess it's time to repot, huh?

Also, does it look to you from the light-green leaf color that the plants are getting too much light? Or does that color have something to do with my fertilizing? For other plants, I use Foliage-Pro 9-3-6, weak at every watering, but here in the reservoir underneath, there is plain water, and occasionally, when watering/fertilizing other plants, I would splash a bit of it on top of these little AVs.

Any suggestions are appreciated.

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HI Green Toe!
Well, because you said all comments are welcome,
here is my two cents. Yes, you can repot at any time now.
Separate them out into their own little pots. You can keep
the momma leaf attached to one of the sprouts.
As for the color, babies don't need fertilizer, It is common for new growth to be bright green. Babies need less light
than grown plants. The variegated one does look a bit
brown on one of the edges. Variegateds need a little less
light. If you are repotting soon, you can put
the variegated in a less bright spot.
Those with more experience will contribute their 23 cents.

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I will just go along with Joanne's comments. Babies are often a different color that an adult and the first flowers will often be different, as well.

You can re-pot babies any time you feel comfortable handling them. Do not put them in too big a pot.

Begin fertilizing now but I would use a balanced fertilizer.

Your babies look very strong and healthy!


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