Do I have the right decision to re pot my AV?

CarmilaJuly 9, 2012

Hello everyone!!!

I been trying to grow AV's for few months now and past weeks the temp at my home is around 31degC during the day, I've decided to bring my AV's at work(for the temp and light). But after this weekend returning to work today Monday, I have noticed my AV looks somewhat wilted and the bottom leaf rotted. I've checked the soil its not wet nor dry just fine.

I am not sure what to do. I want to take it home tonight and replant it,put more perlite and vermiculate mix put it inside a ziploc pastic bag.

Do I have the right decision?

I dont want to fail this time, since I have done so much mistake in the past killing my AV's :-(.

Im located in Taiwan.

Pls. help Thank you .


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added the AV photo. Do I have a mini AV? sorry not sure of it.

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

Was it just the one leaf that looked like what is in the top pic? And is the second pic the same plant?

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Hi, its the same plant as above total 3 leaves that i removed, i already took it home but still checking some of the previous post on what i can do... I am cheking the other leaves but still no crisp, feels wilted.

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If what you're saying is that the plant is a little soft now, ... then it's probably true that, at some point, you left too much water in the soil after watering.

The plant doesn't look too bad.

If you're patient, and very cautious with your watering (not too much or too little), you may be able to save your plant, though it may take a couple months.

I wouldn't do anything else ... no repotting, no fertilizer, not too much light, just very careful watering.

I've got a couple that I'm babying back this way now, and I've been successful with others in the past.

Takes some time, though. Get yourself another violet to give you more patience with this one.

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Very well noted, thank you!!! Hope to have lots of them soon...

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