What is this bug on my violet flower?

minal(6)July 22, 2012

Hello, I just noticed a few bugs on two of my plants. They are just on the blooms and not on the leaf of stalk. They are thin, shiny silvery and move really fast. I have attached a few pictures below?

any comments or suggestions appreciated, thanks, Minal

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Your photos don't show up.

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Your pictures didn't up load,
But, from your discription it sounds like Thrips.
Remove any flowers showing signs of the bugs, and discard them where they cannot come in contact any of your other plants.
Neem oil is excellent for bugs, and is non toxic.
Test it first on a leaf, and flower and wait a few days before treating the whole plant (and under every leaf) to see if there is an adverse effect.
Do not put the plant in the sun until the leaves are well dry after spraying (spray at night) to avoid sun scald.
Neem oil has some systemic effects, which will make the plant taste bad to insects, it also interrupts their brains and they stop eating, and it also stops their reproduction cycle.
Also, drench the potting soil as well and the plant will absorb it through their roots.

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sorry about that, here are the pics

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Thanks for the suggestion. I will go ahead and try neem oil. I have around 50 plants, so will have to go ahead and check each plant. I did check other posts on this forum and it does seem like thrips, because of the spilled pollen which is evident from the above picture.

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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

The first pictures showed up for me and the picture of the two thrips is very good and definitely thrips.

Put this plant and any other that has spilled polon in isolation. You can use a plastic bag with a yellow sticky card to get the flying bugs but this won't get the babies.

Treat with Neem. If you believe the plant still has the insects, you could use any of the recommended poisons, Talstar, Cyfluthrin, Carabyl (Sevin, Dimetoate 25WP, Conserve, Avid (overkill)

If Neem Oil doesn't get the thrips, I suggest getting rid of the single plant rather than spending the money for poisonous chemicals.


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ok I have isolated 4 plants on which I could surely see them, removed the blooms and sprayed neem oil, for now they look ok. I might spray some more neem oil today too. I also sprayed all the other plants with neem oil too, and they look fine too.

It was my mistake of not isolating new plants. I bought some new plants from the AVSA convention in Detroit a few months ago. I assumed that they would be good plants as I purchased from Robs, Lyons and Bloomlovers only. I guess they cant check all there plants.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Minal -

I just treated my collection with new amd cheaper version of an old "Conserve". I actually found this insecticide locally and cheaper.

Anyway - you need to remove all blossoms and buds -all - no exception - if you have thrips on one plant - you have them on all - they fly - and they often come through the window screens. You need to repeat an application 3 times week apart - make sure - no buds all this time.

Nancy is correct - the stuff she had listed is quite poisonous. Spinosad is not that poisonous but - be careful if you have fish - cover your aquariums real tight.

If you still have concerns - Neem oil is relatively harmless - but you need remove all buds and blossoms - and spray the plants multiple times - it only works on contact. Spinosad has some systemic residual power.

Good Luck - and do not get stressed - yes you bring them from Convention - and you can get the thrips load from the window as well. I managed to bring mites from Convention in Raleigh - and I sprayed and disbudded everything. The case - the stuff I was using had the expired shelf life...


Here is a link that might be useful: Spinosad

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Minal Was that just a camera lends that let us see those buggers ?

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I know I was amazed when I saw the clarity of the pics too. The camera is a Nikon DSLR, it takes really beautiful pictures.

For now, I dont have any bugs and I keep checking on a regular basis. I guess it was just those 4 plants. The Neem Oil worked really well for me.

Thanks Irina for the suggestions.


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This is a great reminder to ISOLATE ALL NEW PLANTS brought into house for at least 3-6 months. Easy way is to put each one in a large baggie or large plastic tub. I prefer baggies, because you don't have to worry about watering very often. Plastic tub would have to be kept in another room, away from other plants.

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Minal - just do not forget to repeat your treatment couple more times - on all of plants - think EGGS. Thrips also go into pupa stage in soil - and reemerge later. So it can be the case when you nailed the ones active - but the sleeping ones and eggs could produce a new crop - so 3 strikes work better than one.


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