Violet Showcase Potting Mix

russell_d_2010July 5, 2012


Just want to know if anyone here, has used The Violet Showcase potting mix? The one they make and sell. I know Irina has. Irina, would like to hear from you!

If anyone else has, I'd liked to hear from you too ! I will be using it in Oyama Pots.

I grow mostly Sinningia speciosa ( Florist Gloxinia ). I am tired of trying to make my own mix...... can't get it right. I will be trying to grow Christmas Cactus in the pots also. Any help ? Hope everyone had a good 4th!!

Take care.......... russ in iowa

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)

Hello, Russ:

I use the Oyama pots. sells the planters and a mix especially for them. I have bought it when I couldn't get Metro Mix but added another helping of *coarse* perlite.

If you have a Farmer's Co-Op, you can buy Metro Mix 360 (but without coir) and mix coarse perlite 2:1 and it works well.

I'm not sure how your Schlumbergera will do in those pots since they are succulents and like to dry out. I guess if you didn't overwater they should be okay. I grow mine in 2:1 coarse perlite and Miracle Gro Cactus Mix. I am proud to say I have several Schlumbergera buckleyii cuttings rooting that were donated by a couple of fellow Garden Webbers. :-)



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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hello guys =

I am back from the Seattle - what a wonderful gessie convention it was!

Anyway - VS mix - good all around mix to start with. For Oyama pots I would add 25% of medium perlite, and a layer of pure perlite on the bottom.

For Sinningias I add may be 10% of extra coarse perlite, 10 of milled NZZ mos and a pinch of dolomite lime.

I am experimenting now with Promix Bx and HP, see how it works.


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Thanks !!........ Linda and Irina for all your help!

Take care......

russ in Iowa

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