Optimara Cora selling as "rare" AV on ebay

aegis1000July 7, 2014

Found plantlets of Optimara Cora selling as the rare "PurpleLadyDancyon-Ice" on Ebay ...

Here is a link that might be useful: Ebay's PurpleLadyDancyon-Ice ...

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Hmmm, maybe it is rare, because you won't find it anywhere else by that name ;-)
I could do that once my little NOID hybrids grow up... "Rare, I guarantee you won't find them anywhere else!"

Ah well, they already sold 3.


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Apparently that's the name her MIL called it. That makes it rare, right?


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Rosie1949(4a to 5b/SE Mi)

Oh I am so glad you posted that "rare" find! That is exactly the unnamed violet I bought at Lowe's (Monroe, Mi) this spring!

Have been trying to find the name ever since! I could never get my pics to show it that nicely though.

Someone on this forum did identify mine as O.Cora and I finally was able to give it a tag. Thanks to that person!!

Actually mine came multi crowned and I took the babies off of her and hope they will survive. Am rooting some leaves also.

Hope to trade my "rare" Optimara Cora babies as soon as I am sure the little ones are living.!!!~~Rosie1949

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I saw that when I first went back on eBay this spring. I got a laugh out of it, although it is a nice Cora. Well, for folks who don't want us to identify those Lowe's plants, there you go!

I had no idea it was still going on though! Cora is quite distinctive.


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LMAO!! Wow, I can make money off of all my NOIDs. Why would I ever want a named variety, if I can name them myself?

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After many years of playing by the "rules," I decided it was nobody's business what name was on the pot in my house and I decided to quit writing "b/w mini noid" on my one and name the danged thing something.

I'm not selling it on eBay though. Send the Violet Police after me. It's been 40+ years and I've never jumped up one morning and entered a misidentified NOID in a violet show yet. (This seems to be a recurring nightmare for some people.)

It's just about impossible to get an name for an Anthoflores. I even emailed them about the one they show on their webpage which I bought at the grocery store and they didn't answer. I wasn't surprised. I don't think I'll keep it but I called it County Market Cerise. Both of the reds I had from them have been small. OTOH, I'd like to find A. Rose again (double pink, compact girl leaved plant).

My MIL would probably have named them. Her dog was a Maltese (he did look like one). The breeder said he was half Shih-Tzu and half poodle, but my MIL had a Maltese :).


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Diana, do you have an image of that girl leafed anthoflores? i think i may just have bought one not too long ago - girl leafed for sure, and a pale pink if i remember right. disbudded & re-rooted the crown (new protocol so i don't have to deal with that icky soil they have them in) if it ever reblooms, i'll post a pic.
I was so tempted to get the single pink variegated one i saw yesterday, but decided no more noids for me - i have been buying plants to try and hybridize, so there is no point in getting noids....

as for mislabeled - i just realized i have two versions of little azurite, a labeled leaf i bought and a plant i id'd from the store - the one from the store looks a lot more like it than the leaf i have rooting - it is plain, pointed and absolutely flat. that just screams 'off' to me, but then, can't tell from the mouse ears what it will be yet...


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There's a sucker born every day!

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Just imagine someone bought this for you because he/she knew you collect named African violets. And then you wouldn't be able to keep your face straight as you look at that rare find :-D

Like DH surprised me with pepper plants and a basil that he put on my grow shelf for me to find (I just don't have the heart to tell him he brought thrips and white flies into the house)

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Vikki(7b / 8)

Adding 'organic' is a nice touch. I sent her an email also on it. Told her I like the name she picked for an Optimara that can be found at Lowes, Home Depot, WalMart, etc..

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I would bet she's gotten a lot of messages since I first saw that listing several months ago. That probably wasn't the first time she'd done it either. You could do worse than get a nice R. Cora, not that I'm condoning selling misnamed plants, mind you. However a nice Cora isn't always easy to find.

Someone claimed there were two versions of Azurite, one that kept its white edge better (they said nothing about the leaves). If this is true, I have the one that doesn't keep the edge. I'm moving it where it's not so hot though in case that's the issue.

Karin, I have no photo of A. Rose but remember it as a double (maybe semidouble) light pink compact plant with neat girl leaves. Here is a photo on Gardenweb that seems to fit my memory reasonably well:


It wasn't the most exciting plant in the world but it grew well in my window, didn't take up an enormous amount of space and girl leave standards are somewhat scarce. I never get to the supermarket that had Anthoflores so I don't know if they ever get more unusual ones or if it's the blue and red edged ones, peach one, and the purple and blue ones.

There was a Rose-Lea too and I had it but didn't like it quite as well after I tracked it down. Things most certainly can vanish fast, don't ever think they can't. The problem is you can't predict what it's going to be. Could be R. Cora ;) Well, I guess that is no joke the way Optimara "improves" them and poof! the old one vanishes.


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Vikki(7b / 8)

Interesting. I DID hear back from her. I told her that, if she doesn't know it's actual name, to make that clear in her auction. She could say something like "I'm not sure of it's actual name, but my mother-in-law always called it . . . .". I also told her that, to many buyers, it won't make a different, but there are those of us who are looking for named AVs and to sell a noid as a named plant is not just.

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My Optimara Cora is growing slowly. The center was very tight when I got it, and it has only just started to loosen up a bit. I have to keep it on the outer edge of the light. I am going to adjust my lights today because a few of my AVs seem to be asking for less. The leaves lay very flat, and even curl under a little.

Has anybody found that Cora likes a little less light than a lot of other AVs? It seems so to me.

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Yes, Karin, Agreed. Nearly had similar experience.
Vivey and Diana, Glad you called the EBay seller on this. It seems that the plant sold for $5, so that is ok, an average price. The EBay photo is probably not the seller's actual photo, only the smaller ones of suckers being removed. fortunately, Optimara seems to be keeping this one going.
One that I bought directly from Optimara bloomed mostly white with a little purple, a very full head of bloom and did not sucker. Every bloom was consistent. Now in its second blooming, it is very dark purple with just a touch of white on the blooms. Laura, I had the same issue with another plant of Cora and moved it to a window with less light. It has developed suckers and a second crown. Perhaps it was stressed. It is really messy looking.

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