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maguiretrots(8)July 28, 2012

How soon do you re-pot after receiving a new AV? I got my third order from Rob's, and the Rob's Fuddy Duddy is not looking very happy. The potting mixture looks very heavy and it has a little algae on the surface of the soil. It has one limp leaf in the middle. The other plants seem to be doing ok.

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I repot in my own mix as soon as possible after receiving new plants. I found in particular that the soil on plants that come from The Violet Barn is quite heavy.

The limp leaf in the middle is a bit of a concern - can you see any mechanical damage - possible the result of shipping?


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No, that's why I was concerned. The little cup felt heavier than the others in the order. The way it's got a little algae on the soil makes me wonder if it's where it was getting more water than the others, and then the packer gave it a big dose before packing. Part of me is thinking, "Packer, couldn't you see that this one might not have good prospects?" I've success with all my other violets from Rob's, which is 12 semis and minis. I was concerned about repotting it right away because the soil is so wet and heavy, and I was concerned I might tear more roots off. It's so small. The leaves don't seem as turgid as the other plants' leaves in the order, just slightly less turgid. And this is one I was really looking forward to, too. :-(

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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

Disclaimer: I've only just gotten into AVs and have only ordered plants once.

I repotted my new plants the same (or next) day. I had planned to wait but I didn't want them to settle in and start blooming just about the time I was going to repot them and I figured I'd just get all the shocks out of the way at once. Possibly not the best way of thinking with plants but so far, so good.

I hope your plant is okay!

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Trust your insticts.
You have obviously handled your other Robs plants ok so youre doing something right. One option is to take the plant out of the pot as intact as possible and stand it on newspaper for a few days to dry out the system. You could then repot into your own mix.


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)

Unpot the plant and place it on newspaper to soak up extra water.

At the same time, take a look at the rootball. I would replace the soil with your own soil less mix.


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The pot is obviously too big for the plant which could lead to root rot. Repot in a lighter mix and a smaller pot (1/3rd the leaf spread).

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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

How is the plant?

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You know, I am trying to be intuitive about this, consider everybody's info, and see what my gut tells me. The plant seems to have settled in and is growing already. I live in a dry climate, and I think that helps. So I think I am going to wait a little longer, let it grow some more, monitor it every day, and wait until it's a leetle beet bigger before I repot. I do appreciate everybody's input!

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