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IrdmutheJuly 31, 2014

does anyone have an opinion about which varieties of A.V. have largest flowers?
I have one blooming right now, that has larger flowers than the polish strep. right next to it.
would like to obtain more of this type.

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There are large blossoms that aren't really very nice. The plants can't hold them up. Super Duper is one that is supposed to be big. Gillian is a large white one but there are mixed reports on how well that one does. LE Meri Kei is a Russian that is related to Super Duper. It is big. I've had Arctic Frost get over 3". King's Ransom is another one that gets big.

I would like to try White Queen, a Russian. I'm not sure how big it gets but I think it's big.

I would say check Lyndon Lyons and the Russians for size.


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I have a 'Tenderness' that is just beginning its second bloom cycle. The blooms are huge and held well over the foliage. 'White Queen' is not particularly large and 'Gillian' is a shy bloomer.


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Lyndon Lyons lists White Queen as "very large" and the photos I've seen appeared big.

Is that EK-Nezhnost? LE-Sirenevaya Nezhnost looks very pretty.


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My violets all came from leaves ordered from there- but I have lost the names by now.
I will take a picture and show you, the one I have is very pale blue fading to white.
ruffly and full.

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I hope someone else is good at identifying them. A lot of them are starting to look alike to me :) It sounds very pretty though.


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perle_de_or(Zone 7)

Lyons Magic Charms, Kristi's Spunk, and Nancy Leigh all have huge flowers for me. My LMC is a sport, doesn't have the fantasy, but is a beautiful periwinkle blue color. Nancy Leigh is a good plant, but tends to be light sensitive, so I keep it in lower light. Picture is my LMC sport.

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I once had a Lyon's Magic Charms I loved. I'm hoping to get another good one. I had Nancy Leigh and it was nice too.


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