Convex leaves?

janartmuseJuly 23, 2014

Hi, I have a violet I started from a leaf cutting which has been trying to bloom for a couple months now. I feel like the flowers never stretch out and only half open. The leaves are also convex (like inverted spoons). I have it away from the other plants, for fear it is diseased. Would someone please advise me as to what to do? It would be nice if I could save it, as the half flowers look like they'd be gorgeous if they'd just open fully. Actually, now that I've gone to take a photo, I see the leaves aren't as deformed as they have been in the past, but still, the buds fail. Thanks!

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Many violet varieties have convex leaves.They are, in fact, called 'spooned' leaves and their descriptions will read as such. Also, some varieties have flowers that never fully open. Usually this occurs on plants that are very double. Sometimes, as the violet matures, they will open more fully but some never do.

Do you know the variety of your violet?


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Both can be symptoms of low humidity.

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No, I fear I don't know the variety. It's a leaf I got from someone who also didn't know. Thanks, J

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Thanks, Low humidity could be the trouble where it is located. I will come up with a way to make it more humid. Certainly worth a try! Thanks!

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Many of my plants grow like that. I live in a low humidity,
bright light environment. It doesn't bother me. Joanne

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