New babies peeking through

hummersteveJuly 20, 2007

Sorry to be absent from here for so long been spending a lot of time on the hummer forum and other forums. Yes I had some starts in two different cup trying to see exactly how long takes and I dated each cup and for its about the same between 6-7wks like clockwork. I also use rooting hormone some say it takes longer if you use it , for me it doesnt seem to , its about the same every time. Making babies is fun, it just is time consuming and takes months for those to become mature enough to produce flowers. For those wanting the flowers you are better off just buying and not going through the waiting period.

Nice tip on the physan 20 may have to try that. For I have some plants in an east window and even though I have cut down on the amount per gal. it developes it.

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'making babies is fun"..........and you're just finding this out?

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OK Barb-- lets keep it clean now!

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You're right, my weird sense of humor gets away from me sometimes.


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I think my sense of humor is offbeat!!

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irina_co(z5 CO)

Barb -

I have similar sense of humor. It took me all the willpower not to crack something wicked too. But I cannot hold it anymore!!!


Thanks God - violets do not require a college fund ;-))


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When I was young I wouldn't have let this pass. But now that I am officially old I can let it go. Where it's going I don't know just so long as it doesn't snore if it sleeps in my bed.
Fred in Old NJ

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Maybe when I grow up..............

Now that I am older (notice I didn't say 'grown up') sometimes I jusr let 'er rip. Maybe it's all the years of restraint, good judgement, and decorum just bustin' loose. Maybe it's having survived to this age that gives me permission (I think) to sometimes act like a freaky old lady.

Someone once said it was good for a dog to have a few fleas, it reminded them they were a dog. I don't know the relevance here, just thought it was funny and true. Does that apply to violets too, that they should have a few thrips to remind them they are plants? Don't know, just trying to keep it on topic here.


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violetta1976(8 Portland OR)

Barbara, you remind me of a bumper sticker I saw once...

"Life is short. Be crotchety."

I loved it.

Why wait until one is older to be silly and ridiculous? I enjoy it now. :0)

Umm... I don't know how to make that relate to African Violets, though. Except that I, too, am enjoying making babies. AV babies, that is. Get yer mind out of the gutter, wouldja?

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