stupid cat

leslie_virnig221(52501)July 9, 2009

i bought a packet of parks african violet seeds and planted them as directed they were supposed to germinate in 30 days. they were fine for 3 weeks and then the stupid cat knocked them off the windowsill. anyway i'm going to be a mom in september. i'm expecting a girl.i'm going to try 1 last time on the parks seeds, and then i want to trade-- if they grow for me.

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Congratulations on becoming a mom soon! Hope your little girl is healthy and gives you much joy.

I'm glad you're going to try planting seeds again - just find a way to keep the kitty from rearranging things.

With Park's Seeds, you might get a good variety of plants/blooms. I made a cross and planted the seeds on June 17, but I'm not expecting much variety in the babies. About 30 have sprouted so far and I hope I don't kill them. The bad part about growing from seeds is the suspense of wondering what the plants and blooms will look like and having to be patient while the AVs take their time about growing to maturity!

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Congratulations on the pending baby girl!!

I'm an old mom, the kids are grown and gone. I'd like to offer some old mom advice, it's free, so just look it over and take what you want:

Kitties are not stupid. They are curious and like to explore. Kids are very much like that too. The answer is to try to set stuff up so everyone is a winner. Put the seedlings where kitty can't get them. And if they grow, and bloom, and you become an AV aficionado, put the violets where your someday-to-be toddler can't get them. The kitty is a test ride, because kids are much more inventive, they can move chairs and look up and get into almost everywhere. That;s why they say moms have to have 'eyes in the back of their head'.

Good luck with the seeds and the coming baby. And think about forgiving the kitty, it was just being a kitty.

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Am I the only one who got the joke when you called your cat 'stupid' ? Maybe my sense of humor is warped...or maybe I'm just more layed back and not so sensitive??

I'm sure you'll be wonderful as a mother and you'll learn just like the rest of us did :) I was a doula in another life and I loved working with first time moms-2-be. This can be such a magical time for you and growing into motherhood. Good Luck.

I also hope you'll stick around and share more of your violet stories with us. We also love pics :)


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"Am I the only one who got the joke when you called your cat 'stupid' ?"

Nope, I got it too--Prolly 'cos I'm always calling my cats stupid too (even tho I love them) >^._.^

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one more reason why i hate cats.

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As my son has said many times, cats are good for one thing.


Fred in NJ

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