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cajunkisses2007July 4, 2007

Hi all you AVG lovers. I have a few photos and questions for your expert opinions. Photos are clickable to get larger view.

First one is a noid I rescued from a girl that had it in a windowless dark room with only a shop light hanging above it. The crown on it is VERY tight and the leaves hard. I have it sitting in an east window now and finally see a few buds starting to peek through. Is there anything you suggest I can do for it?

Second, here is a pic of my first babies :D My question is, should I cut the mother leaf free now and leave them to grow in those pots (yogurt cups) or should I repot them on wicks? Is it too soon to repot or should I wait? Okay guess that was more than one question sorry LOL.

Thirdly, these are some tiny trailers a kind person sent me. They are growing now in small dixie cups. Do I repot them on a wick in a pot one size up now?

Ok that's it for this post. Sorry to get long winded. I'll post more in another one. :) Thanks for your tips and opinions.

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Hi CK,
!. Plants that have girl foliage like this always seem to be brittle. Depending on when it was last potted all I would do would be to groom it for symmetry and if it has been in the same pot for a year, its time to repot.

2. I like to wait till the babies get to be about 2-3 inches before I remove them from the leaf and then I put them into 3oz Solo bathroom cups with wicks till they get to a decent size.

3. I don't do trailers very welll but if I had them I would repot them into shallow pan pots.

Fred in NJ

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stonesriver(6B Tennessee)


What you do with the trailers depends on whether they are mini, semi-mini or standards. I grow my standards in 4" pots. I use the Volkmann pots which are wider than tall. I also grow in the 5" Oyama Planters because they, too, are more shallow. I would not use a regular pot of more than 4". As Fred suggested, pan pots work well (or azalea pots). Do a search and you can buy them online.

I grow my mini and semi-minis in 2.5" or 3.5" Oyama Planters.

Linda ~ who only grows trailing AVs 'cos they don't take up as much room and leave her space for her other Gessies. :-D

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Thanks Fred!
The plant was just repotted a couple months ago when I first got it. It was sitting in a soggy wet ceramic pot, so I immediately repotted it. My concern really is the very tight crown.

I'll wait a while longer to repot my babies. :)

Thanks Linda!
I have repotted my 3 little semiminature trailers as you suggested in pot pans i'd purchaed online a month ago. Also put them on wicks. :)

Appreciate both of your comments and suggestions. :)


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You have a nice crop babies going there , congrats! No need to be in a hurry to separate, wait till at least nickel size, then repot in 3oz. solo cups as Fred suggests. I wick mine from the getgo but to each their own.

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Thanks Steve will do. All of my other plants are on wicks now. :)

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