How to turn Twiggy into Dolly Parton

whistlermtJuly 30, 2007

Hello All,

I have 3 standard and 4 mini's all at work with me. I have this one specific AV that is a HD buy; it's leaves and flowers stalks are very leggy. I rescued it from one of my coworkers and it has since bloomed; but it still looks quite spindly. I was given another Violet that has a huge amount of blooms and all of them are sitting right on top of the large chunky leaves. I want this look for my pitiful AV. Do all av's have different body types, or is it because the spindly one has had a rough year. I see all the AV's at HD and various places and they are obviously not well cared for, but how do they get the big leaves and huge blooms?

I'm including pictures; please excuse the quality they were taken with my cell phone. I use Miracle Gro AV food; I know it's not the best so any suggestions on that would be good. And as far as the light source its fluorescent, but I'm not sure of the wattage because I can't take the cover off.

Click the images for a larger picture.

Twiggy Now

Twiggy in April


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Hello W.,

Yes and yes.

Violets have different body types - some of them have a genetical programming to have longer petioles (leaf stalks), some shortened. Low light will make them grow longer and stertch towards the light, high light - shorter and hug the pot. So - the spindliness can be both conditions and genetics.

If it is conditions - the new leaves will form a much more pleasing rosette, the old leaves - live their life span - about 1 year = the way how they appear now. Well grown plants look happy and pretty anyway - Dollies and Twiggies - ;-)).

The plants from Walmart actually come from the growing facility in a very attractive shape. They are forced to bloom by a controlled light, humidity, fertilizers. It is when they are exposed to the real world - they deteriorate fast.

Good Luck


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The second plant could probably be improved by repotting. Take the smaller leaves off from the outer row as a minimum. I would probably bring the plant down to the 6 leaves of the crown and try letting it grow out again.
Fred in NJ

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In response to letting the second one grow out again. If I cut off the really long outer leaves of my av. do I need to trim down the root ball too? And can anyone tell me what I should do with the second one.

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korina(9b, Sunset 17)

Nymiekat, check out Rachel's site; there are (is?) *tons* of info, with pictures! I like pictures. She can show you what to do.


Here is a link that might be useful: Rachel's Reflections

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