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cajunkisses2007July 4, 2007

Thought i'd post some photos of my plants and light stand. Please feel free to make suggestions if you see anything that needs improving. I'm always open to your expert opinions being a newbie. Photos are clickable to enlarge. :)

My first space violet and I have to say I LOVE them. I know they are quite large but the abundant flowers are worth it.

Optimara EverYoung

This one is a noid I picked up at WalMart while on vacation, it was on sale after Valentines day and half dead. I'm very pleased with the way it bounced back, now if only I could get it to bloom. I've yet to see a flower.

This is my plant stand. Please tell me if you think my plants are too close to the lights. I've been concerned about that.

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Oh, Cajun, nice save on the WM plant, it is gorgeous. Be patient, it will bloom.

Don't apologize for the 'largeness' of your Optimara. I too love huge plants.

I have some questions about your lights. What is the length of the fixture? Did they come with plugs or did you have to add them? Where did you get them? I' am looking for 24, 28, 20, or 36 inch fluorescent fixtures that are already wired with cords and plugs, and having a difficult time, not wanting to pay an arm and a leg.

As far as distance, some of the plants in the second shelf are 'reaching up' a little, which means they could use more light. A fixture that goes all the way across would also make sure the plants on the end get ample light too.

Thanks for sharing, I always enjoy seeing pictures of others' successes.


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Thank you Barbara!

I love my large african violets, only problem is I want more and space will run out soon lol.
OH I finally see a few buds forming on the large noid. I'll take another photo of it when it blooms to share with you.

The length on my light fixture is 2 ft. and my shelves are 3 ft. Hubby put the whole works together for me and said he couldn't find fixtures that would fit from end to end. They were either this size or too long. He wired everything himself and put it on a timer for me.

So i'll just have to keep rotating them as it would be a huge hassle to add more I think and I don't want to bug him to do it this soon lol.

I too love seeing pictures of others successes. :)


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robitaillenancy1(zone 5)


Rule of thumb is standards, about 12 inches top of flowers to light bulb. Minis and semis, 6-8 inches from light bulbs.

Very nice plants.


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Anytime you try to save a plant from wm and you see an improvement you are on the right road. Since it was nearly dead you will need to give it time and it will reward you. Just remember on that kind of lighting the plant will usually give you a hint . I have had plants that shyed away from the light and others that wanted more. If they start to get leggy they arent getting enough light. Also the light on the end of those isnt as bright as in the center so you might need to play musical chairs with your plants. I really like the pinks , partial to those.

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Thanks Steve! She's got several buds up now. Should be opening any day now. I've been playing musical spots with them all to give equal time in the best light.

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