OT (kinda) Facebook!!

m3rma1d(inside)July 6, 2009

There are a LOT of people on Facebook these days.. How about us GW'ers post our Facebook links so we can add each other as friends over there? You'll be amazed at all the AV people you'll see on my friends list once you add me--And then you can add them too! :-)

www.facebook.com/m3rma1d (Or you can do a search for Ann-Marie Keene--I'm the only one!)

For anyone not familiar with Facebook--It's a pretty cool place. And it's free. You can find SO MANY people there! I've found summer camp counselors from when I was a little kid on there that I've reconnected with.. I have a friend who's around 60 who found a classmate from the 3rd grade on Facebook that she reconnected with. I think it's a very neat place.

I can already hear some people thinking "Why would I waste my time on there?" If it's not for you, that's fine--But can we keep this thread free of that kinda stuff and just let people who ARE into it post their links/info so we can connect? :-)

So... Let's go! Please reply & let us know where/how to find you on Facebook!

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My facebook is more than likely a little immature for this crowd ;-) Plus, no one would know who I was because my name really isn't Frank... I barely recall why I even have that user id.

It's easy to spot who your die-hard AV friends are on there because they all have AVs as their profile picture!

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LOL I bet yer not any more immature than I am... I post stupid quiz results and Mafia Wars crap every day!

ADD ME!!!!

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I requested you as a friend.....

as an FYI, I'll block your invitations but keep you as a friend :) Those quizes are invitations for viruses and I don't have time for mafia wars or farm/barn crap, LOL

I barely have enough time to water and groom my plants, :/


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Hey M3,
I could never find any of my camp counselors because:
1. I don't remember their names.
2. They are more than likely all dead.
3. If they weren't dead they would be too old to type.
4. They wouldn't remember me since it was over 60 years ago.
5. I don't need facebook because I have all the friends I need in my address book, including yours.
6. If anyone from here needs to contact me all they have to do is email me.

Fred in NJ

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But Fred--Yer on there! Granted you never log in or update... BUT STILL! Hahahahaha

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But M3,
I took myself off a couple weeks ago.
Fred in NJ

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