Not a 'Pixie Blue' Trailer- Update

plantomaniac08(8)July 17, 2014

I posted a few pictures back at the end of May asking for an ID on one of my AVs (I thought maybe it was 'Pixie Blue,' or a trailer period). Thanks to the kind folks on here, I found out it was neither, just a mass of crowns that needed to be separated. I just wanted to update you guys on its progress.

Before (Around the end of May). One of the "suckers" was blooming:

Today (first real bloom, yay!):

Thanks again,

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Good job :) Happy Blue ;-)


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nice growing!
did you keep any of the suckers?

i always find it amazing how the character of the leaves changes as the plant matures. and i really like the texture of those leaves....


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Thanks! :)

Sadly, I am limited on space, so I didn't keep any of the suckers. I think the leaves are unique as well. I can't say I've seen one with such round leaves before (although, I'm not a big AV collector and I'm sure there's more out there). It's a Home Depot NOID, but it's proving to be one of my easiest AVs to care for to date.


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Very pretty! Thanks for sharing! That's just a lovely blue.

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VERY nice!

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