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tgplp(8a)July 19, 2012

I am ordering some leaves from Lyndon Lyon greenhouses, because I can't resist their wonderful selection of beautiful african violets. :) :) :) I am planning on ordering the variety Christmas Dream, and I was wondering if it would be blooming by Christmas? I doubt it, but I thought I would ask. I've only propagated a few violet leaves, so I'm still new to this.

On an unrelated note, are the plants from Lyndon Lyon healthy? Do they come budded?

Thank you all!


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aharriedmom(8B FL Sunset 28)

I was told by tommyr on my thread that leaves can take anywhere from 7-9 months to bloom. That's after the babies have been "born."

I've seen posts where it's taken months for the babies to appear and my first leaf has been going for well over a month. (though I didn't label so I have no idea how long, exactly)

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Thanks! I guess it must depend on the variety and quality (freshness?) of the cut leaf. I am pretty surprised with how fast a leaf I clipped off of one of my random storebought AVs grew babies and how fast the babies grew! I stuck the leaf in a jar of water around christmas last year, and now I have very good sized baby plants! There are teensy tiny buds on one of them, too. Exciting stuff. :)


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I ordered a few leaves about 2.5 months ago from Lyndon Lyon. The leaves come in excellent condition (size and maturity), in labeled baggies with 2 leaves per baggie. The picture is what the plants look like now. If you order from LL now, it is possible to have a few blooms if you regulate pot size by keeping them on the small-ish pot size. Also the 7-8 months is about right for a standard/large AV. Mini's and semi-minis may reach maturity faster. Also if you have variegated leaves, you can expect them to reach maturity slower than leaves that are not.

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