frank325July 13, 2008

I had a new plant that I got at Walmart, but it got damaged so I cut off most of the leaves to try to grow some from cuttings and to "start over" the new plant. It's in a mixture of perlite and vermiculite. I just repotted it yesterday because I had it in a dixie cup, which, after a few weeks, was starting to look bad. So I put it in the plastic container it originally came in. Today I picked out 3 mushrooms that seemed to spring up out of nowhere. Only once before did I have a mushroom in there. What do I do about this?

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it's prolly just spores that are in the mix... It wont harm anything.. but it can be an indication of too much moisture, so take it light on the watering.

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Frank, I agree with M3..Most likely, the soil is too wet. Is your AV getting adequate sunlight/light?
Mushrooms won't hurt a plant, but when one pops up it indicates soil needs amending, less water and/or more light.
If the AV was mine, I'd remove plant from soil, discard (soil), either use a new pot or clean the older pot thoroughly, and repot in a well-draining mix.
Good luck, Toni

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i just repotted it yesterday, which is the weird part. I did just water it afterwards pretty thoroughly, so I'm sure that's part of the reason. It's off to dry for the next few days or, or however long until I water it again. I just thought it was odd how fast they sprouted. It's a few feet away from a southwest facing window, where I have the rest of my cuttings rooting.

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