my new DIY rose trellis-simple and easy

imagardener2(9-10)June 5, 2010

I've owned several store bought trellises but needed something simpler and easier for all the climbing roses that are small now but getting bigger every day.

I'm sure I was inspired by several people on this forum but just wanted to post photos for anyone wishing for something do-it-yourself.

What I like most is that it will disappear once there is enough plant material on it.

Here is the bottom showing the conduit which was pounded into the ground at least 12 inches for stability. The deeper the better.

Here is the finished 10 foot trellis (perhaps it is another name than trellis but I cannot think of it)

Here is detail of the top


(4) 10' long 3/8" diameter rebar

(2) 8' conduit to fit rebar


metal cutter (jigsaw handheld with metal blade)

Trellis part

1. Cut one 8' conduit into (4) 2' pieces

2. Pound these into the ground about 1-1.5' deep to hold rebar

3. put each 10' rebar into conduit, push into firmly

Top part

4. cut (2) 20" pieces from other conduit

5. Cut 2 notches in each piece to make a"U" shape

6. Bend slowly or metal will break

Attach "U" pieces to top of each pair of rods

Wire both together when done

This trellis is very stable and should survive most winds (hurricanes visit here) and weight loads. You could even fill the bottom conduit with epoxy if you never wanted to move it.

Tomorrow I'll attach the rose to it's new trellis.


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Great job and it looks sturdy------

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brother_cadfael(z5 seWI)

What a great idea!

And so simple!


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Pillar! That's what it is isn't it?
Anyway. You get the idea.


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Terrific idea. Thanks Denise.

I'll have to make a few of these.


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Your top configuration is an excellent idea, Denise. I like it.


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Campanula UK Z8

top configuration! hmmm, thought you meant something altogether different.

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Well, campanula, of course, I'm sure Denise's 'top configuration' is excellent as well. :))

Should have used a more specific pronoun.


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