New, need some advice with african violets

astralparadoxJuly 29, 2014


I'm fairly new to taking care of african violets, or any plant really, so I'm looking for some advice on help it to become as nice a plant as possible. So any advice like types of fertilizers, where best to keep the plant (The window sill I have it in right now doesn't get much light, aside from in the evenings) and things like that!

To start off here's a couple pictures of the plant, to give you a sense of what I'm starting off with.

thanks in advanced!

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Let's see if I can get those images to show for you:

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I don't have much time to write just now, but the FAQ section should get you started quite nicely ;-)
A few notes from myself: AV's like consistent care, not constant attention. (Ie less fussing, more research ;-p )
They don't like direct sun, or wet feet. But they don't like being dry either.

And we've all killed our share,
put some leaves down to root, don't worry too much and enjoy the ride :-)


Oh, and welcome, btw!

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When it is blooming, do not remove any leaves. Rotate it quarter turn each time you water. It is reaching for the light, meaning it needs to be turned. Get it an African Violet friend! They do better in pairs! Looks fine to me. Some people do not fertilize when blooming. Welcome, Joanne

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Vikki(7b / 8)

Is it in front of an open window? That can be a huge invite for pests. Mites and especially thrips and both can be bad news.

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