The before and after

sueok_gwJuly 12, 2014

This AV looked pretty sad when I found it at Walmart in April. I'm fairly certain this is Optimara Michigan. I'll post the after picture next.

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This has to be one of the fastest growing violets ever! I took 2 suckers off, and 2 leaves, and I have plantlets to share if anyone's interested.

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Hi was just reading and saw your post. I would love to
Have a plant and or some leaves of that plant or Amy others that you might be able to spare. I would gladly remburce postage. Thanks and God bless. Jessie.

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What a nice job you did, it looks great, pretty pink. I love your teapot, I have a small collection.

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I would love to have a start of your av and any that you would be willing to share (leaves would be fine too). They are very easy to propagate. I use to grow them, but I lost all of them. I don't have anything to share right now. But I'm willing to pay postage. plmk Thanks,Debbie

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Lovely photo with the teapot and lace curtain!
Thanks for posting, Joanne

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I had this variety and it bloomed so pretty.

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