mscynthia(8 - just N of Dallas TX)July 3, 2007

First, I've gone crazy the last few days and bought six AVs and a set of leaves off eBay. I bought Rob's Sunspot, Rob's Argyle Socks, Ness' Sheer Peach, Ness' Angel Babe, Orchard's Bumble Magnet, a standard called Marguerite and leaves of Mac's Magical Mandarin. Oooo, I swore I wasn't going to get hooked on the mini's and semi-mini's. So much for that.

So, my question is about disbudding. Some sellers say they disbud their AVs before shipping. If the plant has buds when it arrives, should I disbud them to make adjusting to their new home easier?



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I would disbud them just to give them a little rest. They will have spent 2-3 days in a box and will be a little stressed anyway, so that will help them. It will also encourage a heavier bloom later anyway.

If you have a club in your area, JOIN. You'll meet a great group of people, and will probably be able to increase your collection for a lot less money by trading with members.

Watch out for OCAVD (obsessive compulsive african violet disorder), it is an epidemic.


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Hi Cynthia,
I agree with Barbara, disbud the plants for their own good but only after you see what the bloom looks like and if it matches the description. If it does then I would strip it down, disbud and repot using my soil mix.
Fred in NJ (One of the epidemic leaders)

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mscynthia(8 - just N of Dallas TX)

Thanks, Barbara and Fred. I've read a lot of your posts and really respect your knowledge.

As for OCAVD, it looks like it's too late for me to be saved. I'll look into a local AV society - which will, no doubt, make the OVAVD even worse. :)

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Fred, good point about verifying that the bloom is as described.

Cynthia, glad you will find a local club. It's so fun to take leaves and plantlets to the meetings, talk about a feeding frenzy! I now keep a box of baggies and a sharpie marker in my glove box so I don't forget them. I also take my list of 'haves' with me so as to not duplicate varieties. And the extent of experience of others is amazing.

Good luck.


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I have not fallen into the "OCAVD" just yet, I have been abstaining, but I am borderline. Its just a matter of time for me. For me its more the challenge of trying to save some from walmarts flooding hose.

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