Help! Powdery something on my violets!

mrsdymacek(7)July 30, 2009

I am a rookie in every sense of the word when it comes to african violets. I have a few in different places around the house. One (the only one in a self-water violet pot)has developed this white powdery stuff , first on healthy blooms, then on leaves. Anyone know what this is? Is there a chemical free cure? The one right beside it seems unaffected but who knows what may happen in a few days.

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When you use self-watering pots, a lot of times the top of your soil forms a white film (that's why I stopped using those). As for the plant and flowers, it might be mildew. You'll need to increase the circulation, so if its with other plants I'd isolate it. There are a lot of effective chemical treatments, but non chemical treatments include brushing milk over the leaves, or a baking soda solution spray (1 tsp/quart). If you have any Lysol around the house and are willing to go chemical, Lysol works well, but may leave spots on your plant, which it will eventually grow out of anyway.

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I agree that your problem is powdery mildew. Lysol disinfectant spray is one quick solution but you should know that it will kill off all the bloom when you spray. Do not spray directly on the plants but spray in the air above the plant and let the spray settle on the leaves and blossoms. After spraying I would increase your air circulation around the plant. I grow my AV's in a loft and have a ceiling fan running 24/7 and when the lights are on I have an oscillating fan running also.
Fred in NJ

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