Transplant shock

lauraeli_July 5, 2014

Sad AV here. Long story short, I damaged the root ball when I repotted it.

The plant is otherwise healthy. But the outer leaves are limp. It's been four or five days.

Would removing the limp outer leaves help it recover faster, or does it just need more time?

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I have no idea, but that pot looks so small for a plant with such big leaves!

However, it looks awesome the way it is, drooped over the sides. It looks like some kind of heart.

Sorry :(

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It is a two-inch miniature. It's tiny. The pot is the right size.

If you ever get african violets, natty, the rule is that the pot should be a third of the size of the diameter of the plant.

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Have you tried bagging it? That is assuming it's not soaking wet. (Then sit it on a paper towel)


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aye, probably just needs more time (keep the leaves),
I agree bagging it would probably help alleviate some of the stress on it.

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Removing leaves from a plant that is in stress is counter-productive. Sort of like when they used to bleed sick people way back when.

I would bag it until it has had the chance to heal its root system and then gradually return it to its regular environment. It should perk up in a humidity filled spot as in a bag or a dome.

A note for Natty-the pot is the correct size. Violets grow best in a pot that is 1/3 the diameter of the leaves.


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This plant is not doing any better. When I checked on it today, there was a brown, rotted, moldy leaf hanging over the edge of the pot. I removed it, and there were worms/maggots under it. Root worms? I dont think this plant is going to recover. Any suggestions?

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First thing I'd do is disbud.
As for the bugs, they look too big for nematodes...
Have you considered chopping off the crown, and rooting it in a sterile potting medium?

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Rerooting the crown is certainly an option. Though not my first choice.

I just looked it up- looks like they are fungus gnat larvae. I dont have a real problem of fungus gnats in my potted plants. Are they attracted to wet sphagnum, maybe?

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I am going to re root the crown. Here you can see where a hungry worm munched through half of the underside of the crown. It is clearly physical damage as opposed to rot. That's why the plant was not able to recover after the repot.

What should I do with it? Just stick it back in a pot of soil and bag it? Should I root it in perlite? Long fiber sphagnum? Im going to research it, but if anyone has any advice on what works for them, let me know.

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Anyone? No one?

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I use 2/3 perlite, 1/3 av mix - same as my usual potting mix. Sometimes I dome, others I don't. They seem to root faster with more humidity, but are also more likely to rot.

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Check out the reply I gave Mary Ann under 'Help with my violet, please'. It has all you need to know about re-rooting.


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Well, this one met a swift death.

Ive never seen anything quite like it.

The entire crown turned a dark grey. Underside had an orange tinge. My guess is some kind of fungus.

It was merely a continuation of a previous problem, as leaves were going soft and grey beforehand. Dont you just love buying seemingly healthy plants, just to have issues show up within a week? First one in a while that I couldnt save. Even the leaves i put down turned gray immediately. It was so beautiful, too...

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Wow! What an unlucky break! I'm so sorry! It looked salvageable in the first photo. I can hardly believe you lost it so quickly.

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Vikki(7b / 8)

I've had that happen too. Buy a new plant only to see it slow disintegrate in front of your eyes over a few days. Very sad.

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I always blamed my rough handling when washing the soil off the roots. hence the new "off with her head"-approach.
can't damage roots that aren't there.

i find once a plant has root rot, you'll be lucky if the top of the crown or any leaves make it. usually they look fine, until the next minute when they are just so much grey slush.

was your plant a little hopi? it's leaves kind of look like it. i nearly bought a second one today, it is one of my favourites...


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I really think it was. This is what it looked like when I bought it.

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