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lucille(Houston)July 4, 2008

I need to get my mix for the leaves, before I did I wanted to ask if anyone uses the rock wool that hydroponic growers use rather than a mix?

Also, the leaves are coming next week and so are the potting materials. If the leaves get here first, may I pot them in mix and then move them?

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Hi Lucille,
I wick all my violets using a mix that is one part peat or pro mix, one part coarse vermiculite and one part coarse perlite. I also use it to start my leaves. Some people here us a 1/2 & 1/2 mix of vermiculite and perlite which I believe gives you water roots and then when the leaf is put into a mix it has to reroot all over again.
Fred in NJ

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I scoped out the vermiculite and perlite at Walmart but it was not coarse grade. Would a garden center have it? I'm sure I can order it online but I would like all of this to be ready by next week when the leaves arrive.

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You might try one and see but for future reference I order from Cape Cod Violetry.
Fred in NJ

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