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susancarol(7)July 11, 2014

4 inch violets, how often to water. Is (7) days too long? They're sitting in clear plastic saucers and are watered from the bottom. Do you fill the saucers close to the top when watering?

Just got (2) from Violet Barn and they are in the tiny 2 1/2 inch pot, how often to water? I attempted to give them some water because they felt a little dry but they didn't suck up any water so I guess they're okay. Sure are cute little plants.

Susan in Virginia

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Hi Susan,

if you stick your finger in the soil, do they still feel dry? sometimes, when peat dries out, you have to soak it for a while (15 mins or so, entire pot in the water) for it to take water up again.
As for a schedule, no such thing really. it depends on your potting mix, temperatures, size of plant, humidity, etc etc etc. - i have some standing next to one another, same everything except plant, watered just yesterday, and now one is dry the other isn't...

start with checking your plants regularly, then after a while you get a feel for how often you need to check and water them....


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