Question about ligths: Reflector shields necessary?

maguiretrots(8)July 23, 2012

My husband is head of maintenance at a care center, and they were replacing some fluorescent lights from the rooms, and he offered to bring the old ones home. I asked him to text me pictures, but he said he'd just bring them, so I don't know what they look like. However, of course since they were in a room, they don't have shields. Are reflector shields necessary, like you see on shop lights (and like is on my older 24" plant light)? He's going to build me some stands.

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I've grown under both reflective lights and regular shop lights, and I can't say I noticed any big difference. I noticed more of a difference when I move the lights closer to the plants, or have a red and "blue"/white lights.

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Not needed. IMHO.

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Reflectors do reflect up to 30% more light than if not used.
Also reflectors are good for protecting the flouressent bulbs and the plants they shine on from water run off from plants on the shelves above, and reflectors also help to channel any heat to the ends of the shelves.

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