Oyama pot: stupid question

bragu_DSM 5July 31, 2013

Okay, all you Oyama pot enthusiasts:

Stupid question.

Let's say my Oyama pot is too big for my AV (it is).

Is there any good, compelling reason why I cannot, or should not, use it as a cache pot for a few months.

I propose:
⢠filling the pot with perlite to the appropriate spot;
⢠hollowing out a spot for my AV dixie cup; and,
⢠leave the AV in the dixie cup (with bottom holes and AV mix)
⢠inserting the cup in the hollow; and,
⢠carefully filling the gap between the dixie cup and the side of the Oyama pot with my AV/pearlite mix.
⢠and hollar good.

Or should I just use perlite between the dixie cup and the Oyama pot side.

I know the dixie cup will eventually degrade, but by the time it does, and it shouldn't go that quick, it should be time to repot the AV.

Are there toxins in the dixie cup that would hurt anything?

Is this sane, insane, or sheer lunacy?

Call me names.


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I am not sure why you would want to do this??
Do you use paper Dixie cups? The plastic Dixie Cups work much better and they last forever.

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bragu_DSM 5

Just trying to give the AV time to develop roots, and play with an Oyama pot that is WAYYY too big.

Plus, I am so disorganized, by the time I grow into my Oyamas, I'll have forgotten where I stashed them ...

*like that would ever happen*


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nebraskagardener(4a, but really 3)

Dave, what did you end up doing? I'm doing the same thing right now because I was out of pots. I just filled up the smallest oyama with more perlite and hopefully fooled the micro mini into thinking it was a smaller pot. So far it's working well. I trimmed off some leaves to let the roots catch up and new leaves are coming out now.
How'd it work for you?

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bragu_DSM 5

I did one with perlite around the outside edge of the dixie cup, and I did one with soil/perlite mix.

Some varieties apparently don't like oyamas, so I am thinking of using an AV that I know likes oyama as a test subject. The AV i chose died. That was with the perlite-soil mixture.

Then I used a strep, with perlite around the outside of the dixie cup. It bloomed for me for the first time and looks healthy, although it seems to go thru a LOT of water.I have found if I both top water, and bottom water with the pot, it really really likes that.

I think the concept is sound. Probably I should not have sworn at the AV, and should have made some nice cooing sounds. Perhaps it would have been encouraged to be in my company. I was going to make it a VP ... of the company.

Alas, one of the first victims of ... oyamacare ...

ÃÂ.ÃÂ --~


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irina_co(z5 CO)

I insist - everybody who calls his question "stupid" - donates $3 to the AVSA. The especially masochistic people who put the word "stupid" in a header of their thread - donate $6. We really want to promote creativity - instead of putting ourselves down. The best ideas were often considered crazy by the contemporaries.

I am thinking that using some kind of biodegradable pots is a good approach for the people who time challenged. Moving AVs from pot to pot has advantage of using fresh soil - but if you are so challenged with time that you never move them at all - it is a good option.

I like Streptocarpus in Oyamas - but for me AVs grow better on the mats and wicks - probably because of the ambient humidity.


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bragu_DSM 5

Irina: I just paid my dues for a year, okay may buy my 2nd year dues before they increase

dave *there is no such thing as a s2pid question*

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