I'm Excited :)

nwgatreasures(7)July 10, 2009

My new AV buddy is coming tomorrow for us to play in the dirt.

She came 2 weeks ago and we got so much accomplished. Maybe I'll be able to snap some pics to share.


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irina_co(z5 CO)

Dora -

it is so much fun - and gets all the work done while chatting.



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Well.........it's 10:55 pm.
My AV Buddy left about 45 minutes ago. We started planting at 10 am this morning.

Here's what we had accomplished by 1 PM. (I apologize that I can't get the file size compacted on this photo)

In case you're wondering. That's 72 plants that had been separated, repotted and set ready for wicking on the trays.

Would you believe me if I told you that all 72 of those came out of 7 cups that had been needing grooming attention?

As we were grooming, I discovered another case of thrips....so the day quickly turned to treatment and preventative...so everything had to have blooms removed. Here's some of them before they were disbudded and groomed:

And I included this one because the photo is fascinating with the bloom and peduncle and pedicels.

By the time she and I finished, we were slap-happy we were so tired. Thanks to her (and a husband who ran errands all day and kept us fed) we accomplished an incredible amount of work.

Now my effort turns to ridding myself of these thrips. I swear I will NOT go through what I went through last time. We sprayed EVERYTHING with Conserve today, removed all blooms, beginning of blooms and faded blooms.

I'm thinking that my count for individual plants is now hovering around 300 @@.

There's no way I could have accomplished this single handedly without her help.


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Hey Dora,
I think all of us here would benefit and like to know the names of the plants that you posted. BTW good job in potting up. Want to come to NJ to give me a hand???
Fred in NJ

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Wow, Dora, how wonderful to have an AV buddy to help you accomplish all that work. 72 plants out of 7 cups? Rabbits have nothing on AVs when it comes to multiplying! You have such a beautiful variety of plants. It's good that you caught the thrips too. In the first picture, top right side, is that a container of pre-made potting mix? That looks like a great way to have plenty of mix ready to use whenever the potting mood/need strikes.


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Thanks for the suggestion of posting names. I'll do that in just a sec. Super sorry about not being able to come up to Jersey....I'm booked solid till next Feb (honest to God, I am)

1st picture (just scroll back up and look) is the trays after we repotted.

2nd pictures is Frozen In Time

3rd picture (clock wise beginning at top left w/ heavy varigation) is Trinket Terrific, Kentucky Gooseberries, and Mac's Just Jeff.

4th picture: Dresden Doll (trailer).

5th picture: Ruth's Girl (trailer) I grew this from a single leaf started back in January. My mother in law's name is Ruth and her birthday is this Wednesday (15th) and she will be 85 years old. I don't know who is more excited about it, me...or my 4 year old who helped plant the original leaf and has babied it and talked to it almost daily. I didn't remove the blooms but sprayed it heavily with conserve. It is leaving my house tomorrow.

6th pic: Pixie Blue (trailer). This is a "fine" growing trailer. Easy....and quite simple. I also have the sister, "Pixie Pink" (not pictured)

7th pic: close up of Mac's Just Jeff peduncles and pedicels. This plant came from Violet Gallery at the DAVS Convention in TN 2 months ago. The quality and health of this plant is magnificant. I don't know if it's characteristic of the plant or results of my growing conditions but this plant produces a deep burgandy bloom at opening and it fades to the pink color as the bloom ages. The bloom stays new/fresh, but the color fades. Fascinating, to say the least.

Take care everyone, I'll have no blooms to share for about 7 to 9 weeks now :(


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Yes, that is my soiless potting mix for violets. It will hold 1:1:1 of 8 qts each peat moss, vermiculite and perlite. I stirred it with my hands and then closed the lid and continued to turn it around. I like it because it fits up inder my plant stand out of the way. It's also easy to hold the pot/cup over the dirt so there's less mess and it last a good, long while so I don't have to mix that often.

I am pretty sure I caught the thrips very early (less than 10 plants is it visible upon) becasue none of the rest of them have any signs (even with the jeweler's loupe)....however, I am not taking any chances and I have disbudded every single bud and bloom that I can find on any of my plants and will continue to do so till about Labor Day. By then, (if I'm planning right) it'll be time to begin the count-down for growing for show.....

Hopefully, I'll be able to make it work this year instead of having nothing but buds the week of the fair and more blooms than I could count the 10 days after it ended, LOL.

Over 2/3's of the collection is for sale.


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Good Luck with the show and thanks for the names of the plants. Although some were obvious to me I like to have my thoughts confirmed.
Fred in NJ

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There seems to be holes in the sides of your pots...is there a special reason? I seem to remember one of the potting methods might have done that for a purpose...don't remember which/why.

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Hi Everyone,

I meant to post before now, but have been busy. Dora and I had a wonderful time last Saturday grooming and repotting all of these plants. I have to say I had to twist her arm a bit to convince her to disbud the Dresden Doll and Pixie Blue. LOL If I remember correctly, I had to disbud those two while Dora turned her head the other direction!!

Having Dora as an AV buddy is great. She's a wonderful person. We've had so much fun the couple of times we've gotten togther.

And Fred, Dora doesn't know it yet, but when all of the babies/leaves that I have grow up a bit, she might be recruited to my house! I'd love to come help you with your plants......it's a shame that NJ is a little far to travel. I would love to see your collection. I hear that you are the AV KING!


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@ Dognapper - I put the holes in the side for areation.

@ Fred - You're welcome.

@ Carol - I'd come to your house in a heartbeat....any way to repay you for your time and help. You really are a "lot" of fun :)!


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