Flowers Wilting

Poisonivy33July 13, 2012

I want to know what exactly is wrong with my plant. I take care of other plants such as Cosmos, Sunflowers, Petunias, Eggplants and a cactus. But this plant isn't looking that good. I have another African Violet and it has no flowers at all.

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Your plant looks fine.

The blooms will fade.

Be sure to give your plant some sun/fluorescent light ... and it will bloom again.

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Blooms don't last forever! It's normal for them to die out. Your plant looks fine to me!

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If you give your AV any sun at all it should only be early morning sun before 10:00 am to keep from scorching their leaves. Bright light, or indirect sun like sun that's reflecting off a white backround)is the usual recommendation.
And the soil should be evenly moist after watering, not kept soggy or bone dry, but an AV likes to get almost dry between waterings. If you find that the peatmoss in your AV mix has gone bone dry, use about 1 tsp of liquid dish detergent per gallon of water for your plants. It will wet the peatmoss almost instantly, So you'll need less water per plant, makes nutrients more avalable to the plants roots, and helps to kill any bugs in the soil also.
I've found that detergent (a surfactant) and water will not harm any plants in the many years I've used it.

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