Different kind of African Violet?

elisadoolittle(z6NEPA)July 1, 2013

Hi ~

I have this African Violet that I bought years and years ago at my local grocery store and would like to know it's name?
Also, I have never re-potted it (too chicken!). When is a good time to re-pot and how is it done?
Thank You for any and all advice :)


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"NOW" would probably be a good time to repot if you bought it years ago and never have ;) Nothing to be afraid of!

If it didn't come with a name tag/ID you shouldn't try to guess...there's no way to know and it would be more or less like throwing a dart at the wall filled with names of variegated leafed standard AV's w/single pink blossoms as to how close you are. FC2 database says there are 209. (at least!)

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I think you are right! Only so much leaf removing I can do to keep it from outgrowing it's pot. How do I re-pot it, though?
I once read I need to take off about a third of the roots from the bottom?
That IS scary! (and why I never done it before)

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It might be "Romance"....look up Optimara for examples....

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another place to look is selectivegardener.com

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Put on your big girl panties and re-pot that violet!!! There's nothing scary about it!!! Remove your violet, shake off the old soil from the roots, (gently), and set it into a new pot. If the plant doesn't fit comfortably with a bit of room at the top, trim some roots off of the bottom.(NOT SCARY!)
Horticuture lesson-whenever a plant is pruned. it stimulates cells to re-grow what was removed. Result-new, fresh and more roots. It's a good thing!
Use a pot that is about 1/3 the size of your violet- ex.-- a 6-inch violet goes into a 2-inch pot, Use a soil that is light; if you use a bagged AV soil lighten it with perlite (Home Depot, Lowe's, Wal-Mart) and don't pack it down in the pot. You want light and airy.
Growers routinely do this as well as removing ALL the roots when they want to rejuvenate a plant. They grow back in about two weeks. African Violets are tough! Now go re-pot!


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lol Linda - okay, I'm gonna do it! Can I use organic potting soil instead of the packaged AV stuff and mix that with the vermiculite?
Thank You, BlondieJan, I'm gonna check out those pages :)

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Growers use all sorts of mixes so go ahead and use potting soil. The main thing is that you want it to be light. Using both perlite and vermiculite is preferable, (IMHO), but if you are only going to use one, it should be perlite.
Horticulture lesson # 2-plant roots carry out a gas exchange that is necessary for life. If the soil is heavy, it remains too wet for too long and this gas exchange cannot take place. There must be spaces in the soil; these you create with perlite. It "opens up" the soil. Perlite also helps water to drain and helps keep soil from becoming too wet for too long helping to prevent loss of roots.
Have I bored you enough yet??? I can go on like this for hours so I suggest you re-pot and report back ASAP!!!


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From the Cornell University web site:

For all roots, however, the soil in which they grow must be well aerated to provide sufficient oxygen for the cells of the root.
(I told you not to get me started...)


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