African Violet outside?

amccourJuly 1, 2008

I've had this African Violet for about a year and it hasn't really done much. No leaf dropping or signs of dieback, but it's not really put out any new leaves, either. I was wondering if I could put it on my porch this summer so it could get more light. I do this with all my other plants (save for one or two that aren't that wind tolerant) and they like it, but I've heard a few things that make me think african violets need to stay indoors. Any ideas?

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I keep all my AV's inside and under flourescent lights. I never put any outside simply because I don't want them to be contaminated by insects or animals.
When was the last time you repotted your AV? If it is over 9 - 12 months it needs to be done. That could solve a few of the growth problems.
Fred in NJ

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He's right it's better to keep them indoors. Outside three is the possibility of over exposure to th esun which can bleach the leaves. Also, when it rains the leaves again can become damaged or the crown (center) of the plant can rot. And absolutely the insects will get them. I tried once with a few of mine and the came dowm with a bad case of cyclimen mites. Repotting does sound good to me and maybe a little food. Try some fish emulsion my plants love it.

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The bug are gonna prolly eventually get in anyhooz, considering you take yer other plants outside.

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