African violet recovery info

kjthomas29July 29, 2014

Hi - I'm new to caring for African violets. I have two that were doing fine, but when I was away on vacation, they were set out in the sun for a good two weeks or so. The blooms and a lot of leaves have gone.

I repotted the remaining leaves/roots in plastic containers with a mix of potting soil and peat moss and watered them. This was two days ago. Would anyone be able to recommend anything that would help?


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The second plant

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Your plants are burned but those leaves should grow out. Your pots are much too big especially the first one. Re-pot in a pot that is one-third the size of your violets. Your pots will be tiny-a solo cup is ideal. Then just give care as you normally would. You will have to wait for the damaged foliage to grow out but you should care for the plants as you normally do.

If you like, you can place the newly re-potted violets in a baggie that is closed tightly. Water well and let drain first. Do not open the baggie unless it gets drippy. After you begin to see new growth, gradually open the bag and after a week or so, remove the plant and put in its normal spot.

I would wait until I see fresh growth before I fertilized.


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Thank you for your help! I will repot in a smaller container and try the plastic bags. I will update if something (hopefully) happens.

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I think your plants will be fine. Just care for them as you normally would.

Let us know!


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