Mac's Just Jeff

nyxx(z7 Virginia)July 31, 2012

So clear this up for me. Mac's just Jeff is NOT a trailer right? I swear this plant seemingly over night has gotten so many suckers on it it looks more like a trailer. Can anyone provide me with a little more info on this plant?

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Lyndon Lyon's description: Semidouble, coral-red pansy, with variable, darker fantasy. Miniature foliage has mosaic variegation that is medium green, white and variable pink. Plain and scalloped.

Further research also produced a picture of someone growing it as a trailer in Russia.

Browsing through the pictures though has made me come to another question. This variegation doesn't look like any mosaic variegation I've seen before, but rather looks much more like Lillian Jarrett variegation. Did I miss a memo that reclassified LJ as mosaic or am I just mistaking?

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

The Violet Barn FAQ has this to say about it.

"In addition, there is 'mosaic' (or 'Lillian Jarrett') type variegation, which appears as heavy streaks or spotting in the center of the leaf blade (like freckles), the border of the blade remaining green."

I will take a pic of the plant tomorrow and post it so you can see what I mean about suckers or trailer.

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Yes... apparently I did miss it. I found somewhere back in 2003 where Dr. Jeff Smith was discussing the inheritance of different types of variegation and he does indeed refer to LJ as mosaic! I guess I learned something new!

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

K here is the plant I have. I haven't had it long and it's been growing exactly like this from the beginning. First I thought it was one of the trailers I ordered. Now I see that its not suppose to be a trailer. I read that it does like to sucker though.

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having suckers isn't uncommon for many minis and semi-minis. I'd consider them free plants and cut them out and root them to share/keep as a backup.

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nyxx(z7 Virginia)

That's how I think of them as well. Which is how I end up overwhelmed with violets lol. Lucky me my Mom-in law has decided she likes them so I have sent her a lot of my plants. Standards so far.

This one is just growing in such a way, and being small,I am having a problem deciding which is what. I am thinking it actually has two suckers. I guess I will take it out of the pot and see what I come up with tomorrow.

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Mac's "Just Jeff" was new for me last year. I think I have four now, all under lights. I don't remember any of them suckering, and they perform very well with my conditions.


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