Can one hot day burn an AV??

trace00969July 15, 2007

I keep my blooming AV's on an east exposure window sill......they normally do quite well, but I noticed they are getting brown spots on the petals. I went to Dr Optimara and that lists sunburn as one of the possible causes. The only thing that has been different in the past few days is that it has been scorching hot.....35 degrees celsius, roughly 100 farenheit...i think. Is this enough to burn them on a really hot day....they do get direct sun in the mornings, and for the past couple mornings, it has been super hot right from sunrise. Should I be moving them away from the sill on a really hot day, does anyone else have this happen to them??

Thanks for your input everyone!!


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I would try screening the sun with a sheer curtain when it's that hot. Think about it, if you were in the direct sun with no sunscreen on would u get sunburned.
Fred in NJ

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lol, should have thought of that, I got badly sunburnt yesterday outside....never thought of the plants sitting in the window.........I will definetely be shielding them form now on whrn it gets this hot. Thanks for the reply, I thought it weird until I thought about what had been different over the past few days.


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