2008 NYSAVS Convention

m3rma1d(inside)July 14, 2008

So... Who's going to this? Or, who's been to this before?

Looking for info about it from a "personal experience" perspective...

I am poking around on their site (www.nysavs.org) and not finding a whoile heck of a lot... They sure have a lotta affiliates listed, which makes me think it's huge! But... Who knows?

Fred, I'm wondering if you've gone to this/plan to go this year...?

If you go, me and Barbara are thinking about coming so we can follow you around & stuff. "Fred groupies" if you will. :-D

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Hey M3rmald,
I have never been to one of the NY state conventions but I do know quite a few people who have been there. I'm sticking close to home this year because of the gas prices.
However, I am considering going to the MAAVS Convention next year because I heard it is supposed to be in Pennsylvania.
Fred in NJ

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Ok Fred.. Thanks for letting me know.
Now I have to start bugging Barbara about going to MAAVS '09

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What's MAAVA '09 Stand for? In fact, what does NYSAVA..Do the first two letters stand for states where the conventions are being held? eg, NY-New York? Toni

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NYSAVS = New York State African Violet Society

MAAVS = Mid-Atlantic African Violet Society

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