Can you tell me anything about this Variegate??

Aaronc3(3b)July 1, 2012

Hi everyone!

This is a new African Violet I have recently acquired! I am looking for any information about it as african violets are a new plant to me. It is variegated and I have never seen this type of variegate on an african violet before. Thanks!

( I also have a close up of a couple of the leaves if needed)

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Natural light growing: The seasonal heights of sun light makes the foliage more prominent in variegation coloring.

The white coloring of older lower leaves is a result of the lower late fall winter to spring sun in late spring to mid autumn the higher sun may make it look less variegated resulting in greener leaves on the higher row leaves in your pic

In this gallery I have one that looks very much like yours with pink color flowering.
I find mine to be slower and more stubborn to flower and fewer buds to flower in my pic it also flowers later in the year which is okay for me as I like the variegation as well.

For mine with only year round natural lighting growth
The biggest draw back of natural lighting is seasonal sun heights effecting over all balanced leaf coloring. Also slower and later in season bud to flowering and slower leaf growth but when they grow they're a good solid leaf that are grown. Odd and low amounts of flowering time is probably just the plants way of growing. (It can also be said If it's that plants time to flower then it will and it does)

Artificial Lighting I cant tell you what it would do for certain but I would guess to say the V coloring would fade by time on plant OR That's the way that plant grows. I dont even bother set up AV required lighting I dont bother with artificial lighting set ups on any AV's. Not that you cant if you want to and need assistance, others would have to help you.

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