Got my trailers!

blfresh(MN/4)July 5, 2014

I had posted previously asking about good trailers. I got Rob's Vanilla Trail and Rob's Wagga Wagga from Tina at Bloomlovers. Cute little plugs in great shape! Looking forward to watching them mature. Also ended up with Allegro Cupid Pink. They are all safely planted in their little cups!

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i am just talking to someone in my area about buying some trailers off her.... she has an amazing collection of minis, semis & trailers - i figured i'd start with some trailers, then work my way down her list of other plants :-)
this time i am getting jersey girl trail, pixie blue, fairy fountain and milky way trail - either leaves or cuttings, depending on what she has :-)


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Happy growing all. I have small ones of Jersey Girl Trail and Rob's Vanilla Trail and (oops) Pixie Blue. The first two are new though.

Somebody let me know about Rob's Vanilla Trail. I thought I was bleaching mine out but it looked okay the next day. Then I read somewhere that Francine Pilon said some plants did that at night. The leaves still look pale at night. It appears to be growing well though.

I have had Fairy Fountains (no memory of it) and tried Milky Way Trail twice suckered in by the gorgeous photos. It obviously didn't work for me. One Pixie Blue is in a condiment cup and is branching and trying to bloom - just the cutest little devil.


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This is the first time I've grown a trailer so I have no previous experience with any of them. They sure are cute! Once they grow out of the condiment cups I'm going to try to grow them in a shallow bowl type pot.

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