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I have a number of African violets that were my mothers. She passed away after Mother's Day at the age of 80. She got these African violets from her mother, who lived in Batesville, Arkansas. I have 20 plants growing from my divisions of various African violets. I am certain that one of these plants was my grandmothers. It has a purple back and is somewhat ruffly. I am certain these plants precede the 1970s, and I am sure they are probably older than that. There are no names. When they bloom, is there any way I can identified them, or will they always be NOID.

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There are over 15,000 AV's listed in the Master Variety List (MVL) from AVSA. Unless you know where they were purchased or if they have something distictive about them you probably won't be able to find their names. Just enjoy them as NOIDs.
Fred in NJ

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Thanks for the prompt reply. I have always enjoyed plants. Some of these, (Prayer Plant, Aloe, and others) have been with my mother for over 30 years. She has kept one of my plants for that time. I have invested in various types of pots( oyama, ceramic self watering). I also have a "vintage" african violet plant stand that I will have to rejeuvenate. One of six plastic inserts is proken. I have plants at office and at home. I see new green. Some of these were close to DNR. Thanks John

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John.If you mean by plastic inserts the trays that the plants sit on you may be able to purchase new ones if they are a standard size. I myself have two Flora carts. one is over 30 years old and the other is about 8. I bought my new stand from Cape Cod violetry and I know I could replace them if I had to. The other place that might have trays is IGS. Follow the link below.
Fred in NJ

Here is a link that might be useful: IGS

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