Anthoflores Virginia anyone?

froeschliJuly 8, 2014

Trying to track down a photo to possibly ID the NOID before I cave and buy it anyways.... (2left at the store)

Anthoflores Virginia (Harster Greenhouses) Single Pink Pansy. Variegated White & Pink, Plain. Standard.



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Sounds lovely

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People at the store must think me crazy - hovering over the display, googling the variety on my phone, picking the plants up, putting them back down, telling myself not to buy another noid, but I just like the variegation, But I won't be able to use it in any crosses. But its probably a. virginia, but it's pink, But, but, but...
Walking back and forth, typical confused person behaviour....

I did the same with the other variegated anthoflores I got (my first variegated AV, yay) finally bought it when it was near dead, because I just. Wanted. It.

Now I am having pest issues, am still getting a bunch of awesome trailers on the weekend, which i need to build a setup for in my office, and yet I itch to buy one of those two NOIDS. If they are still there next time I go shopping... oh well worse things could happen ;-p

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