My new optimaras!!

becky15349(5)August 14, 2013

Bought a few new av's this weekend, they are so lovely!! I tried to ID them on the optimaras website but it's not so easy. I just love the colors :) I think one of the minis is a hopi!!

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Where did you buy them? I bought one similar to your left purple one from Home Depot 2 months ago.... Here is the picture.

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I have another one similar to your right white one with lavender color....even thought it's noid, it's one of my favorite!

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I bought them at the Chicago botanical garden gift shop....they were so perfect I couldn't pass them up!!,

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Becky. I didn't know Chicago Botanical Garden gift shop sold plants.

Do you know when CBG's AV/Gesneriad Show is?
I plan on going. I also wanted to drive there the wkend of Succulent/Bromiliad show.
Time to visit their site, check show/sale schedules.

Your Optimara's are true beautys. I especially like the white w/pink hue. Beautiful!

Gift shops are always a tad higher in cost.
Becky, if you don't feel like answering, I understand.
What does their gift shop charge, per plant?
Also, do they sell other types of plants? Thanks, Toni

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Your white/lavender plant looks like Hiroshige from the Artist Pallet series.

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